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Submitted by: Dee & Dick
 Where can I start, I guess from our first contact with Sherri, via phone. From the very beginning, it was very
clear to us that Sherri had a very deep love for her family,(twin girls, her spouse Travis and her family of beautiful
 lab adults and puppies) and meeting her in person for the first time was proof of that. Her puppies were well
taken care of and was a very vital part of her and her (human) family and we were sold on the idea that this was
 the right move and family we wanted our puppy to come from. Everything else was so easy.
 Sherri made everything so clear for us. She kept us informed of health of puppies, sent us weekly pictures of
pups as they grew and developed. Oh, how we all looked forward to those weekly pictures and shared them
with anyone that showed any interest at all plus some that probably didn't (ha ha)!!!
 Let us just close with this. My husband and I are 65 years old, we thought we might be much to old to start the
last quarter of our lives raising a beautiful lab pup (not being fair to a young pup at our age) Sherri made us feel
 like we had made the right decision, that we had something to special to offer a young pup, that a pup would
 have something special to offer us and indeed Tucker does. He is the first thing we look forward to seeing each
and every morning and the last thing we spend time with before we retire for the evening.
Thank you Sherri for giving us such a beautiful gift of life and making a journey a joy, not a hardship. We love you
for that and our puppy, Tucker.

Submitted by: Sarah
I had such a wonderful experience with Sherri at Mirage Labradors. I contacted her last summer about an
 upcoming litter, we spoke many times and I could tell she was very knowledgeable about the labrador breed
 as I was trying to do as much research about the breed as possible on my own (I like to be prepared); no
 worries, she really knows her stuff! Due to unfortunate circumstances I was unable to get a puppy from the
expected litter but Sherri offered a puppy from her next litter which I gladly accepted; we communicated
throughout this time and I could tell she was a very honest and sincere person which really put me at ease
throughout the whole process. On Christmas Eve I received a phone call, it was Sherri, calling to say the
 puppies were born! Best Christmas present ever! I was surprised that she took the time to call instead of
e-mail, I thought it was such a nice, personal touch. She provided weekly updates with pictures up until we
took our sweet puppy, Bonnie, home! I have to say, my boyfriend and I were both excited and a little nervous,
um...should not have been nervous! Bonnie is WONDERFUL and incredibly smart, less then 2 weeks at
home and she already knows come and sit and is almost potty trained! Our puppy, Bonnie, has such a
sweet temperament and loves to meet new people and dogs and loves to please! I highly recommend
this breeder, Sherri and her family are so sweet and the dogs and puppies are fabulous. If you are hesitant
 or unsure, just shoot Sherri an e-mail, she will be able to answer your questions! Thank you Sherri,
 family and Mirage Labradors!

Submitted by: Erika
I just want to say Thank You for letting us have our precious Camille. She is an awesome puppy.! She is very
smart already crate trained. Already potty trained. Can not wait to put her in the Show Ring! I am glad we
 found you. You as,a breeder made sure Camille was going to a great home. My husband and I enjoyed that
you and your husband made us feel comfortable and actually talked to us and let us enjoy getting to know
you and the family plus your four legged familiy. You did breed a great pup. We are very happy. We will be
back for another lab.
 Thank you

Submitted by: Tatiana
Our experience with Mirage Labradors was nothing short of wonderful! From the very first inquire about a puppy,
Sherri was prompt and very courteous on her responses; she always made sure to send updates even before
the puppies were born and patiently took the time to explain all of the details on buying a puppy and the
importance of all the health clearances they make sure the dogs have prior to breeding them.
After the puppies were born, she continued sending updates along with pictures of the puppies so we could
follow the growth of those beautiful babies!! Sherri and Travis welcomed our visit to meet mamma and daddy
and all the adjacent family; it was amazing to see past generations of our future puppy. They were all extremely
happy, friendly, and sweet dogs!!! At 4 weeks, we had a second visit to actually spend some time playing
with the puppies! That day our puppy picked us before we even knew! We only found out later by looking back
 at the pictures! It was amazing to recognize our little guy licking my chin on a picture! :) All of the puppies were
very friendly and sweet and we had a blast spending time with them!
Finally at the pick up day, after selecting our new family member (except he had already selected us ;)!), Sherri
 gave us all the pedigree paperwork, health clearances, vaccination proof, articles on how to potty train, feed,
 etc., and explained everything to us in detail. That made us feel very confident in how seriously they take
breeding and making sure it is donethe correct way.
Now that we have our beautiful baby boy at home, we could not be happier! He is extremely smart and sweet!!!
In just 2 weeks he has learned
Submitted by: Scott
We wanted to thank you, yet again, for helping to bring Spice into our lives. She is a beautiful and, more
importantly, healthy young lab. Our vet was impressed with her health at the time of her first exam. You have
 done a great job raising her and we were struck with how beautiful and vital all of the dogs under your care
appeared. We look forward to a long life with our new friend and look forward to making the trip to your home
next time to bring home a friend for the princess.

Submitted by: Lindsey
I found the Dressler's online in a search for a responsible labrador breeder and had a wonderful experience
 with them. Sherri is a knowledgeable, caring, responsible breeder who cares for the breed and ensuring that
the puppies she breeds are a great and healthy example of the breed. She keeps her puppy buyers up to date
when the puppies are born and is wonderful and fair about picking your puppy and answering any questions
 or concerns a puppy buyer may have. As a previous owner of labs, let me say, I am beyond delighted with my
 puppy. Jackpot is beautiful, intelligent and fun! Even after picking up my puppy, Sherri continued to be
supportive and helpful. I couldn't have asked for a better experience with a breeder and I couldn't have asked
 for a better puppy! I would recommend the Dressler's to anyone who wants a quality, healthy dog from a quality
 breeder. I truly hit the jackpot with my experience and my puppy.
Submitted by: Fred & Sharon Atkinson
We did a lot of online searches to find a replacement for our 16 year old lab that we lost in May '08. A lot of
breeders have some very good websites and are very enticing. My wife and I visited many breeders and drove
 lots of miles to find our new pup. Sherri runs one of the cleanest kennels anywhere. She and her family are
devoted to the excellence of the breed and it shows from the minute you meet her and her family. She is
knowledgible and eager to learn more. I have been involved in veterinary medicine for more than 40 years as
a clinical pathologist and have met folks just into breeding to make money.........THAT IS NOT THE CASE
WITH MIRAGE LABS AND SHERRI ! She is committed to furthering the breed with excellent genetic tracking
 and terrific animal husbandry. We added one of Sherri's pups to our family a week ago today.....funny how you
 forget about all the training and how mischievious these little balls of fur can be. Ours already has quite the
 attitude. We hope to have many years of companionship with our new girl.
  1. S.......we are already in line for a yellow male in Sherri's next litter! Thanks Sherri !
Submitted by: Baldridge
**Very 1st Testimonial Written For Us** 11/04
Hope you and your lovely family had a great Thanksgiving. This year our things to be grateful list was topped by Annie. I know sometimes people may not fully understand what an important and meaningful job you have. But to people like us you don't "just breed dogs" you help people complete their families. Thank
you so much for helping us complete ours.
Submitted by Tom Martel

When I told my vet, who is a good friend, that I was ready to find another Labrador
Retriever he said, “Your search has to start here” and he gave me Sherri Dressler’s name
and phone number. “She’s one of the most dedicated breeders I’ve ever worked with,” he
added, “and her dogs are incredibly healthy.” That really got my attention because my vet
has one of the largest and most popular practices in northern Nevada, and there are
several reputable Lab breeders in our area. I asked him point-blank: “What makes her so
special? She’s quite a distance from here!” He just smiled and said, “Call her. You’ll see.”
I called Sherri the next day and we spent about an hour on the phone. She was so easy to
talk to I didn’t realize time was flying, and she told me about Mirage and asked me what I
was looking for. I explained that I was in my senior years, had recently lost my eleven-
year-old yellow Lab and, though my heart was still broken, I was ready to get another
yellow companion. I didn’t want a puppy and I wasn’t interested in showing. I simply
wanted a pet…a young adult that came from healthy stock. She suggested I come visit.
A day later my wife, Lori, and I arrived at Sherri’s after driving through three counties.
As soon as she opened the door I knew it was worth the trip. Our attention quickly went
from Sherri’s warm smile and welcoming “Hello” to the two-year-old yellow guy who
came out to meet us in the yard. She said, “This is Camo,” and it was love at first sight.
During the hours we spent at Sherri’s it became evident that breeding Labs is not a “job”
for her, not merely a business. It is her life’s love, her passion, and it shows in her loving
care for her dogs and her meticulous attention to a healthy environment and breeding
standards. Mirage is relatively small and intimate, and her dogs are part of her home, not
constantly caged in a distant building as I have seen in other places. We were able to meet
Camo’s sister and mother as well her other dogs, and she explained that this is truly a
family endeavor in which her husband, Travis, and her two daughters play key roles. If I
had to pick singular descriptive words to summarize my impressions they would be
“clean, healthy, loving and family.” In the end, we were convinced Camo was the dog for
us, and Sherri seemed to feel that we would provide Camo with a loving and caring
“forever home.” He went home with us that day.
During the following days Sherri and I communicated frequently as I had various
questions and she wanted to know how Camo was adjusting. The following weekend we
had a wonderful visit with Sherri, Travis and their girls as they came all the way to see us
and Camo. Since they bring their dogs to the vet’s office nearby we will be able to see
them regularly as I let them know our door is always open. I feel like we got more than a
dog…we expanded our family with some wonderful people.
Camo quickly blessed my aching heart. When visiting us, Sherri mentioned that Camo’s
registered name is Mirage Hidden Treasure. Yes, indeed. “Hidden Treasure.” That’s what
I found.
Tom Martel
Submitted By Kelly Norris

I had the absolute joy of first emailing, then speaking on the phone, and finally meeting Sherri during the
process of bringing home my new little love, Tesla. I contacted Sherri many months before a litter was even
planned, as I was looking to get the first pick of the litter. She answers immediately and graciously. She and
I had very many email conversations back and forth and she put me on the list for first pick....which is exactly
what I got!!! Now let me tell you what an experience that was! All I can say is Sherri is a saint! I had such a
difficult time picking a baby to bring home. It was more emotional and challenging than I expected, and
Sherri basically held my hand through the whole process and patiently awaited my decision. She has made
 herself totally approachable, professional, and timely throughout the entire 11 month process, as it was for me
 from getting on the list, to bringing Tesla home. Now as far as my baby goes...she is just simply wonderful!
 All of the puppies in this litter were good looking, healthy puppies. And it is evident from the vast number of
Labradors Sherri and her family care for, that they LOVE these dogs and this breed! I would recommend a
prospective buyer to Sherri anyday!!
Submitted by Mike & Susan Murray

When we decided we wanted to get a lab puppy, we researched several breeders and ultimately chose
Mirage. From the beginning Sherri has been helpful, encouraging and professional. She readily agreed to
let us meet the dam and sire before they were bred and then kept us apprised of progress and changes in the
 pups lives. Sherri’s hand-raised pups are part of her family and have great personality and temperament.
 I wouldn’t get a puppy from anyone else.
Submitted by Sheryl Longfield

We had a great experience with Sherri and Travis at Mirage Labradors. We got a black male and named him
Remington, Remi for short. Sherri was very accommodating with my business travel schedule and she kept
and cared for Remi for an extra week no charge. We drove to No. NV to get a puppy because none of the
Las Vegas breeders ever returned my calls or emails inquiring about a puppy. Now I'm so glad they didn't!
When I first contacted Sherri we has a long conversation and I knew after that call that we were in good hands.
She is very knowledgeable. Experience counts when getting a pure breed puppy. Overall, we are thrilled with
Mirage Labradors and our puppy! I highly recommend Mirage Labradors and will likely get another puppy at
some point in the future.
Submitted by Carlvin & Anita

We are so fortunate to extend our family once again with an absolutely beautiful black lab female we named
Hana, from Sherri Dressler at Mirage Labradors. Hana is joining our 4 year old yellow lady, Kea, that we also

 got from Sherri. We know that only the best blood lines and the utmost care go into raising these litters, and
 we can see first hand how well mom is taken care of too. It's an extra bonus to know that Sherri's own kids
care for the pups and get them familiar being around children and family. We are just missing a chocolate girl
to complete our pack...we'll be back!

Thank you so much,